Bienvenido Rodriguez

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This paper describes the design and deployment of a large scale wireless sensor network (WSN) for monitoring the health of power equipment in a substation. The sensor network consists of 122 low power nodes that that are spread over an area approximately 1000 × 400 feet in size and perform monitoring of equipment such as transformers, circuit(More)
We present the design and performance of a wireless sensor network that is deployed in a substation for monitoring the health of power subsystems such as circuit breakers, transformers and transformer bushings. The sensor network consists of 45 low power nodes for temperature sensing and a high power node that is capable of performing more specialized(More)
Zero‐voltage‐switching dual‐boost converter with multi‐functional inductors and improved symmetrical rectifier for distributed generation systems", Zero‐speed operation of high‐power PWM current‐source‐inverter fed induction motor drive, " IEEE Trans. An integrated AC choke design for common‐mode current suppression in neutral‐connected power converter(More)
QNH is a Quasi Non-Hydrostatic meteorological model created by A. E. MacDonald and under development for three years at the NOAA Forecast Systems Laboratory. QNH is well-posed and therefore runs with a minimum of dissipation; it is applicable to all atmospheric scales, from the small scale to the planetary scale. Since QNH uses explicit nite diierence(More)
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