Bidyut Kr. Patra

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Keywords: Distance based clustering Arbitrary shaped clusters Leaders Single-link Hybrid clustering method Large datasets a b s t r a c t Clustering has been widely used in different fields of science, technology, social science, etc. Naturally, clusters are in arbitrary (non-convex) shapes in a dataset. One important class of clustering is distance based(More)
Average-link (AL) is a distance based hierarchical clustering method, which is not sensitive to the noisy patterns. However, like all hierarchical clustering methods AL also needs to scan the dataset many times. AL has time and space complexity of O(n 2), where n is the size of the dataset. These prohibit the use of AL for large datasets. In this paper, we(More)
Recommender system (RS) is an important instrument in e-commerce, which provides personalized recommendations to individual user. Classical algorithms in recommender system mainly emphasize on recommendation accuracy in order to match individual user's past profile. However, recent study shows that novelty and diversity in recommendations are equally(More)
Collaborative filtering (CF) is the most widely used and successful approach for personalized service recommendations. Among the collaborative recommendation approaches, neighborhood based approaches enjoy a huge amount of popularity, due to their simplicity, justifiability, efficiency and stability. Neighborhood based collaborative filtering approach finds(More)
With the growing urbanization and globalization, long commute and traffic problems have become the everyday nightmare of an Indian metro city dweller. The non-existence of a singular dashboard, which can provide holistic view of the city traffic, has aggravated this problem manifold for the traffic authorities and its citizens. This paper describes the(More)
Cluster analysis in a large dataset is an interesting challenge in many fields of Science and Engineering. One important clustering approach is hierarchical clustering, which outputs hierarchical (nested) structures of a given dataset. The single-link is a distance-based hierarchical clustering method, which can find non-convex (arbitrary)-shaped clusters(More)
Clustering has been recognized as one of the important tasks in data mining. One important class of clustering is distance based method. To reduce the computational and storage burden of the classical clustering methods, many distance based hybrid clustering methods have been proposed. However, these methods are not suitable for cluster analysis in dynamic(More)