Bidossessi Wilfried Hounkpe

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Despite the detailed characterization of the inflammatory and endothelial changes observed in Sickle Cell Disease (SCD), the hierarchical relationship between elements involved in the pathogenesis of this complex disease is yet to be described. Meta-analyses of gene expression studies from public repositories represent a novel strategy, capable to identify(More)
PURPOSE Endothelial barrier dysfunction is a hallmark of sepsis, and is at least partially mediated by pathways that regulate endothelial barrier assembly during angiogenesis. Not surprisingly, increased levels of key angiogenic proteins such as VEGF-A and Angiopoietin-2 have been described in sepsis. The purpose of this study was to investigate if(More)
Heme has been characterized as potent trigger of inflammation. In hemostasis, although heme has been shown to both induce and inhibit different compartments of hemostasis, its net effect on the hemostatic balance, and the biological relevance of these effects remain to be determined. Herein we evaluated the effect of heme on hemostasis using a global assay(More)
The implementation of prophylaxis with regular factor VIII (FVIII) replacement for patients with hemophilia radically changed the clinical presentation of this condition, from a disease characterized by progressive disabling musculoskeletal complications, to one compatible with an active and virtually normal lifestyle. In Brazil, although most adults with(More)
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