Bidie Alain dit Philippe

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Chrysophyllum perpulchrum (Sapotaceae) is used in the traditional Ivory Coast pharmacopeia to cure fevers. The extract of C. perpulchrum used for this study was the powdered form obtained from the maceration of the dried plant bark in 96% methanol, followed by evaporation to dryness. In the present study, the antioxidative and radical-scavenging activities(More)
The characterization of Borassus aethiopum starch showed that the crude protein (0.18 %), total lipid (0.21 %), ash (0.09 %) and the moisture (1 %) were typical of most starches The amylose content (26.31 %) falls within the apparent amylose range 17-30 %). The granular structure of Borassus aethiopum young growths starch showed significant variations in(More)
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