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Usefulness of graphically visualizing and manipulating large data sets in oil and gas exploration and production is as important as ever. This paper describes the development and parallelization of a multi-phase 3D oil-water reservoir visualization tool on the IBM Cell computer and CUDA enabled GPU. An independent Oil reservoir simulator described in [1](More)
MPJ Express is a messaging system that allows application developers to parallelize their compute-intensive sequential Java codes on High Performance Computing clusters and multicore processors. In this paper, we extend MPJ Express software to provide two new communication devices. The first device—called hybrid—enables MPJ Express to exploit hybrid(More)
An oil reservoir simulator is a crucial tool used by petroleum engineering to analyze reservoir conditions. To increase its performance, we implement a parallel version of the tool on a Graphic Processing Unit (GPU), using Computer Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) programming model and the Single Instruction Multiple Threads (SIMT). This paper presents(More)
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