Bibiche M. Geuskens

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A 45 nm microprocessor core integrates resilient error-detection and recovery circuits to mitigate the clock frequency guardbands for dynamic parameter variations to improve throughput and energy efficiency. The core supports two distinct error-detection designs, allowing a direct comparison of the relative trade-offs. The first design embeds(More)
Microprocessors experience a wide range of dynamic variations, including voltage droops, temperature changes, and device aging, which vary across applications and systems. The necessity of ensuring correct operation even under infrequent worst-case conditions results in clock frequency (FCLK) or supply voltage (VCC) guardbands that degrade performance and(More)
A fully integrated switched capacitor voltage regulator (SCVR) with on-die high density MIM capacitor, distributed across a 14 KB register file (RF) load is demonstrated in 22 nm tri-gate CMOS. The multi-conversion-ratio SCVR provides a wide output voltage range of 0.45–1 V from a fixed input voltage of 1.225 V. It achieves 63–84% conversion efficiency and(More)
A 45nm microprocessor integrates an all-digital dynamic variation monitor (DVM), consisting of a tunable replica circuit with a time-to-digital converter, to measure the impact of dynamic variations on path-level delay or frequency. Measurements reveal the high sensitivity of the microprocessor maximum clock frequency (F<inf>MAX</inf>) to the placement and(More)