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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the prevalence of toxoplasmosis and rubella among pregnant women at Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso. METHODS All patient sera were tested for rubella and toxoplasmosis anti-IgG using commercial ELISA kits (Platelia™ Rubella IgG and Platelia™ Toxo IgG). The presence of anti-rubella and anti-toxoplasmosis IgM in serum samples was tested(More)
OBJECTIVE A retrospective study based on 177 cases of abruptio placentae, and describing the epidemiological, clinical and prognosis aspects. PATIENTS AND METHODS A hundred and seventy-seven cases, corresponding to 185 children, were registered over a five-year period in the department of gynecology and obstetrics of the CHNYO of Ouagadougou. RESULTS(More)
Our aim was to analyze the financial costs of health care for women in labor transferred to primary referral maternity units in childbirth at risk. Another aim was to consider the willingness of women and their husbands to financially save and support the increasing costs of health care. For 15 consecutive days, medical students interviewed all women(More)
Epidemiologic aspects of a whooping cough outbreak are studied in a village of a rural precinct of Kolokani in Mali. The survey shows that the village as been contaminated by two children coming from Bamako, an urban center. Spreading of the epidemic is due to the lack of suitable therapy and vaccination. Seventeen cases are noticed within 83 children aged(More)
This retrospective study evaluates the adolescent mortality rate at the University Hospital of Ouagadougou in the year 1995. Twenty lethal cases were collected amongst 646 deliveries giving birth to 490 children. The in-hospital adolescent maternal mortality rate come to be 4081 for 100,000 living births (4.08%) and represented 16.3% of all maternal deaths(More)
BACKGROUND A reduction in the therapeutic efficacy of chloroquine (CQ) and sulphadoxine-pyrimethamine (SP) has recently been observed in Burkina Faso. As these two drugs are used in pregnancy, their efficacy in pregnant women was studied to directly assess the level of drug resistance in this specific population, rather than to extrapolate results of(More)
We carried out a prospective study at Ouagadougou, from March 1 1997 to April 30 1998, in which we plotted curves of fetal weight gain, estimated by ultrasound biometry, with the aim of comparing our results to those of other authors and establishing a local chart. We established a growth curve from 936 fetal weights estimated during the follow up of 126(More)
We present the results of a retrospective study carried out between 1992 and 1995 aimed at describing the epidemiological, clinical and developmental profile of eclampsia in an African maternity unit towards the end of the 20th Century. The incidence of eclampsia was 108 cases in 12,175 births (0.89%), mostly in young patients during their first pregnancy.(More)
The authors report a case of adnexal torsion during early pregnancy. Because of a late diagnosis they had to practise an unilateral adnexectomy with a conservative medical treatment of the pregnancy. They recommend an early surgical treatment, that will save the adnexa and permit a normal evolution of the pregnancy. In a young patient, the loss of an ovary(More)
In order to assess the incidence of severe maternal mortality (SMM) and search for associated determinants of risk factors, a population-based survey of 20,326 pregnant women was conducted in six counties in West Africa (MOMA study). Complete files were available for 19,545 (96.2%) women. The rate of SMM, assessed with an overall indicator, was 6.7%(More)