Bibhuti Bhusan Nayak

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Bilateral-hand amputation is extremely rare and double-hand replantation is even rarer. Only one case of successful double replantation at arm level has been reported from India. We present a case of double-hand replantation at proximal palmar level in a young adult executed in a small nursing home. The patient presented 5 h after injury with limbs(More)
Even though free tissue transfers are a routine in many centres, pedicle flaps still have a huge roll to play in our country. There are many centres in the country where pedicle flaps are in use because of logistic problems. Deltopectoral and pectoralis muscle flaps are usually preferred for composite cheek defects. When both these flaps are used in(More)
Inflammatory linear verrucous epidermal nevus (ILVEN) is a pruritic, erythematous scaly epidermal nevus which follows a Blaschko's lines. Lichen striatus, linear Darier disease, linear porokeratosis, linear lichen planus, linear psoriasis, and the verrucous stage of incontinentia pigmenti may all have similar clinical presentations as the linear verrucous(More)
Primary intra osseous venous malformation with involvement of nasal bone is a rare phenomenon. Nasal bone intraosseous venous malformation on a back ground of port wine stain of face has not been reported in the available literature. We report the very rare case of intraosseous venous malformation of left nasal bone developing on a background of port wine(More)
Gracilis is a commonly used muscle for free tissue transfer. It is also split into two based on its pedicles and used as two units. Use of distal part as a free flap in isolation has never been described in literature. We describe a technique of harvesting a small unit of gracilis based on its minor pedicle and maintaining the continuity and conserving the(More)
The most important use of neuromuscular blockers is as adjuvant to general anaesthesia where adequate muscle relaxation can be achieved at lighter plane. They also reduce reflex muscle contraction in the region undergoing surgery and assist maintenance of controlled ventilation during anaesthesia. They are particularly helpful in abdominal and thoracic(More)
Congenital anomaly of nasolacrimal duct is mostly obstructive in nature or is seen in oblique facial clefts. Nasolacrimal duct drain into the inferior meatus in the nose in a normally developed face. We report a rare case of aberrant opening of distal end of nasolacrimal duct into the external skin lateral to the ala of nose in an adult patient. The only(More)
Duplication of mandible and lower lip is a very rare congenital entity. We report an extremely uncommon case of Congenital Duplication of Lower lip and Mandible in a 3 year old girl, who was treated surgically in a single stage for correction of both lip and mandible. This was a commissure preserving single staged procedure. The Surgical procedure, the(More)
Cross sections (n = 372) of human long saphenous veins (n = 12) from unsalvageable fresh above knee amputation specimens brought to a trauma centre in a large metropolitan hospital were studied. The veins were harvested longitudinally with an amount of soft tissue equivalent to the diameter of the vein and sectioned at intervals of 5 mm. The sections were(More)