Bibhukalyan Prasad Nayak

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OBJECTIVE Network analysis of electroencephalograph (EEG) signals to study the effect of fatigue and sleep deprivation in human drivers and its validation using blood biochemical parameters. METHODS We present a new method of detection of human fatigue and sleepiness by studying the variation of functional interdependencies among EEG signals from various(More)
World Health Organization (WHO) considers obesity as one of the fastest growing metabolic disorders other than diabetes. It is a complex interplay of lifestyle and associated genes. Obesity has been considered as a disease with multiple targets and very often compared in this sense with its sibling disease type 2 diabetes. The disease is pathology of the(More)
BACKGROUND Entheses are fibrocartilaginous organs that bridge ligament with bone at their interface and add significant insertional strength. To replace a severely damaged ligament, a tissue-engineered graft preinstalled with interfacial fibrocartilage, which is being regenerated from stem cells, appears to be more promising than ligament-alone graft. Such(More)
A critical analysis of physical fatigue from prolonged driving in real time and subsequent scoring will be a boon for transport sector to prevent road traffic accidents. The current study has two objectives, first, to conduct a multidimensional analysis of central and physical components of fatigue in drivers during simulated driving session and second, to(More)
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