Bibhudatta Sahoo

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—Multi-core and heterogeneous processor systems are widely used now a days. Even mobile devices have two or more cores to improve their performance. While these two technologies are widely used, it is not clear which one would perform better and which hardware configuration is optimal for a specific target domain. In this paper, we proposed an interconnect(More)
Optical burst switching (OBS) is developed as an alternative switching technology, which combines advantages of both Optical circuit switching (OCS) and Optical packet switching (OPS) and avoids the disadvantages. In OBS control packet called control burst is separated from data packet called data burst. A control burst is sent in advance, which configures(More)
In MANET nodes are battery operated with dynamic network topology due to mobility of nodes.. Therefore energy efficiency is an important design consideration to extend the lifetime of networks. Topology of network plays an important role for energy conservation. This paper addresses how the topology of the network can be adjusted by controlling the(More)
In cloud, processing loads arrive from many users at random time instants in the form of task. A proper resource allocation policy attempts to assign this task to available VMs on different host so to complete the execution of the tasks in the shortest possible time with minimum power consumption. The complexity of the resource allocation problem with cloud(More)
Load balancing is a crucial issue in parallel and distributed systems to ensure fast processing and optimum utilization of computing resources. Load balancing strategies try to ensure that every processor in the system does almost the same amount of work at any point of time. This paper investigates dynamic load-balancing algorithm for heterogeneous(More)
Grid computing system consists of machines with varied computational capabilities. These systems assist in the computing of large amounts of complicated tasks in scientific and engineering areas. It may operate in an environment where system performance features degrade due to unpredictable changes, inaccuracies in the estimation of task execution times(More)
The deployment of cyber foraging systems includes deployment of Cloudlets as computational agents, which receive heavy computational demands during peak hours based on the context of service being offered. We introduce an intelligent pricing policy mechanism for cloudlets-services for mobile cloud users. The dynamic distributed pricing policy CPS(More)