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— Failures of software are mainly due to the faulty project management practices, which includes effort estimation. Continuous changing scenarios of software development technology makes effort estimation more challenging. Ability of ANN(Artificial Neural Network) to model a complex set of relationship between the dependent variable (effort) and the(More)
Optical burst switching (OBS) is developed as an alternative switching technology, which combines advantages of both Optical circuit switching (OCS) and Optical packet switching (OPS) and avoids the disadvantages. In OBS control packet called control burst is separated from data packet called data burst. A control burst is sent in advance, which configures(More)
All-optical networks based on wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) have emerged as a promising technology for network operators to respond to an increased demand for broadband service. All-optical networks consist of optical fiber links and nodes. Each node has a dynamically configurable optical switch or router, which supports wavelength based switching(More)
Optical burst switching (OBS) is the promising area it can meet the bandwidth requirement of bandwidth intensive application. OBS is switching technique for the next generation optical networks. However, there are certain issues such as burst aggregation, scheduling, contention resolution and QoS that needs to be addressed in OBS. In this paper, we(More)
Task allocation in computational grid is NP complete. Heuristic techniques have been widely used by the researchers to solve task allocation problem in grid computing. In this paper we survey heuristic based task allocation strategies and their efficiency. This strategy optimizes various performance parameters such as makespan, resource utilization,(More)
The QoS of Mobile Ad hoc Network is mostly affected by the congestion at any intermediate node in a selected routing path. In this paper, we propose a congestion avoidance basedload balanced routing scheme for mobile ad hoc network. Each node keeps track of the number of data packets transmitted byhim as well as the data packets transmitted by its one hop(More)
Load balancing is a crucial issue in parallel and distributed systems to ensure fast processing and optimum utilization of computing resources. Load balancing strategies try to ensure that every processor in the system does almost the same amount of work at any point of time. This paper investigates dynamic load-balancing algorithm for heterogeneous(More)
Heterogeneous Distributed systems have been an active research area in computer science for the last two decade, task allocation and load balancing have been a major issue associated with such systems. The load-balancing problem, attempts to compute the assignment with smallest possible makespan (i. e. the completion time at the maximum loaded computing(More)
The complex valued matched filter correlators consume maximum power in the DS/SS CDMA receivers. These correlators accumulate 1024 samples lying in the range -7 to +7. This accumulation needs 3 data bits, 1 sign bit and 10 extra bits for overflow. Hence, the correlator can be implemented as a cascade of 4-bit full adder and a 10-bit incrementer. As a ripple(More)
—Multi-core and heterogeneous processor systems are widely used now a days. Even mobile devices have two or more cores to improve their performance. While these two technologies are widely used, it is not clear which one would perform better and which hardware configuration is optimal for a specific target domain. In this paper, we proposed an interconnect(More)