Bibhu Mahapatra

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Equational unification is central to automated deduction and its applications in areas such as symbolic protocol analysis. In particular, the unification problem for the theory AC (“Associativity-Commutativity”) and its extensions ACI (“AC plus Idempotence”) and ACUI (“ACI with Unit element”) have been studied in great detail in the past. Distributivity (of(More)
A simple scale violating quark parton model incorporating only power suppressed correction to scaling is shown to describe simultaneously the deep inelastic lepton scattering, and the Drell-Yan lepton pair production data without the need for the K-factor. In contrast, additional large higher order correction to scaling through the K-factor is considered(More)
A self-consistent , non-perturbative scheme of approximation is proposed for arbitrary interacting quantum systems by generalization of the Hartree method.The scheme consists in approximating the original interaction term λHI by a suitable ’potential’ λV (φ) which satisfies the following two requirements: (i) the ’Hartree Hamiltonian’ Ho generated by V (φ)(More)
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