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Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANET) is the self organizing collection of mobile nodes. The communication in MANET is done via a wireless media. In order to support the growing need for multimedia and real time applications, QoS support has become essential. However it is a challenge to route QoS in wireless environment due to node’s dynamic nature and(More)
Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) is the self organizing collection of mobile nodes. The communication in MANET is done via a wireless media. Ad hoc wireless networks have massive commercial and military potential because of their mobility support. Due to demanding real time multimedia applications, Quality of Services (QoS) support in such infrastructure less(More)
Computer Networks and Computer Securtiy by Kartik Krishnan, Lecture 22-24, 2004 Fast Parallel Table Lookups to Accelerate Symmetric-Key Cryptography by A. Murat Fiskiran and Ruby B. Lee, Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Technology: Coding and Computing (ITCC'05) 0-7695-2315-3/05 $ 20. 00 IEEE. An Instruction-Level Distributed(More)
The challenges of mobile ad hoc network are to maintain quality of services and performance. Many routing protocols like AODV discover routes whenever required by the source node and the benefit in doing so is that no prior knowledge of the topology is required. The AODV routing protocol is commonly and effectively used for mobile, ad-hoc nodes [4, 7, 8,(More)
Dynamic Routing Assignment (DRA) is a key problem in intelligent optical computer networks. Mathematicians & Computer Scientists started researching the behavior of ants in the early 1990's to find new routing algorithms. The most efficient & widest AI techniques like Swarm particle optimization and Ant colony optimization (ACO) are used to find out(More)
Ad hoc network consist of autonomous self-organized nodes. Nodes use a wireless medium for communication. Thus two nodes can communicate directly if and only if they are within each other's transmission radius. In Ad hoc networks, routing not only has to be fast and efficient, but also adaptive to the changes in the network topology; otherwise, the(More)
DNA Cryptography is the promising methodology of data security in the concerned areas of computer communication and its cryptographic computations can be used for encrypting, storing and transmitting the information. DNA cryptography has shown its effectiveness in the field of secured data transmission and much research work is going on to make the(More)
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