Bibhas Adhikari

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Recently, real world networks having constant/shrinking diameter along with power-law degree distribution are observed and investigated in literature. Taking an inspiration from these findings, we propose a deterministic complex network model, which we call Self-Coordinated Corona Graphs (SCCG), based on the corona product of graphs. As it has also been(More)
Collaborative filtering (CF) is the most widely used and successful approach for personalized service recommendations. Among the collaborative recommendation approaches, neighborhood based approaches enjoy a huge amount of popularity, due to their simplicity, justifiability, efficiency and stability. Neighborhood based collaborative filtering approach finds(More)
—In this paper, we propose a growing random complex network model, which we call context dependent preferential attachment model (CDPAM), when the preference of a new node to get attached to old nodes is determined by the local and global property of the old nodes. We consider that local and global properties of a node as the degree and relative average(More)
—In this paper, we propose a distorted information diffusion protocol to detect diversity of different network models. The protocol is inspired by the fact that, in real social networks, the information diffusion get influenced by the property of nodes and conduct of the links. Thus, information get de-formed/distorted during diffusion process and true(More)
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