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Speech emotion recognition is one of the recent challenges in speech processing and Human Computer Interaction (HCI) in order to address various operational needs for the real world applications. Besides human facial expressions, speech has been proven to be one of the most precious modalities for automatic recognition of human emotions. Speech is a(More)
Speech-based emotion recognition is one of the latest challenges in speech processing. The algorithms are developed using floating-point arithmetic because of its wide dynamic range and constant relative accuracy. However, they are finally implemented in hand held devices which are required to consume less power, time and have a lower market price.(More)
Computation of singular value decomposition (SVD) has been a topic of concern by many numerical linear algebra researchers. Fast SVD has been a very effective tool in computer vision in a number of aspects, such as: face recognition, eye tracking etc. At the present state of the art fast and fixed-point power efficient SVD algorithm needs to be developed(More)
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