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Synthesis and Stereocontrolled Equatorially Selective Glycosylation Reactions of a Pseudaminic Acid Donor: Importance of the Side-Chain Conformation and Regioselective Reduction of Azide Protecting
These findings open the way to the synthesis and study of pseudaminic acid-based bacterial lipopolysaccharides and, importantly in the broader context of glycosylation reactions in general, underline the significant role played by side-chain conformation in the control of reactivity and selectivity. Expand
Trifluoromethanesulfonate Anion as Nucleophile in Organic Chemistry.
The suggestion that nucleophilic catalysis by triflate may be more common than generally accepted, albeit hidden by the typical reactivity of organic triflates which complicates their observation as intermediates is suggested. Expand
Stereoselective Synthesis Of Legionaminic Acid And Pseudaminic Acid Glycosides
Legionaminic acid (Leg) and pseudaminic acid (Pse) are deoxy acetamido analogues of the most common sialic acid, N-acetylneuraminic acid (NeuAc) that are found in microorganisms. Leg and Pse are rareExpand
Medical Information Retrieval in Mobile Devices
The purpose of this paper is to describe medical information retrieval in mobile device to access peer-reviewed information based on textual search and content based image retrieval (CBIR). CBIRExpand
A trade-based approach for defects management in residential construction
This project aims to understand how to manage defects in single and two storey residential projects in Queensland taking a trade-based approach given that most work is subcontracted. Despite variousExpand
A trade-based risk management approach towards the elimination of defects in residential construction
The construction industry seems to have settled down to a level of inefficiency saddled with a culture of handing over buildings with defects with mechanisms for dealing with patent, latent, serialExpand