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The development of reading skills may depend to a certain extent on the development of basic visual perception. The magnocellular theory of developmental dyslexia assumes that deficits in the magnocellular pathway, indicated by less sensitivity in perceiving dynamic sensory stimuli, are responsible for a proportion of reading difficulties experienced by(More)
BACKGROUND Importin13 (IPO13) is a novel potential marker of corneal epithelial progenitor cells. We investigated the expression and localization of IPO13 in endometrial, endometriotic and endometrial carcinoma tissue. MATERIAL/METHODS IPO13 expression in endometrial, endometriotic and endometrial carcinoma tissue was examined by immunohistochemistry,(More)
BACKGROUND Although economic evaluation has been widely recognized as a key feature of both health services and educational research, for many years there has been a paucity of such studies relevant to services for children with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN), making the application of economic arguments to the development of services(More)
A new skeleton of diterpenoid, 1,2,3,4,4α,9,10,10α-octahydro-(4α-hydroxyymethyl) -1,1-dimethyl-9-(1-methylethyl)-(2S,3S,4αR,9R,10αS)-2,3,5,7-phenanthrenetertrol, named plebeianiol A (1), along with four known diterpenoids (2-5), were isolated from Salvia plebeia R. Br. Their structures were determined on the basis of spectral analysis. In the bioactivity(More)
Despite their nearly identical genomes, males and females differ in risk, incidence, prevalence, severity and age-at-onset of many diseases. Sexual dimorphism is also seen in human autosomal gene expression, and has largely been explored by examining the contribution of genotype-by-sex interactions to variation in gene expression. In this study, we use data(More)
Two same-different discrimination tasks were conducted to test whether Mandarin and English native speakers use visual cues to facilitate Mandarin lexical tone perception. In the experiments, the stimuli were presented in 3 modes: audio-only (AO), audio-video (AV) and video-only (VO) under the clear and two levels of signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)-6dB and-9dB(More)
This paper is mainly concerned with feedback control systems governed by fractional impulsive evolution equations involving Riemann–Liouville derivatives in reflexive Banach spaces. We firstly give an existence and uniqueness result of mild solutions for the equations by applying the Banach's fixed point theorem. Next, by using the Filippove theorem and the(More)