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In the past few years, wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have been gaining increasing attention because of their potential of enabling of novel and attractive solutions in areas such as industrial automation, environmental monitoring, transportation business, health-care etc. If we add this collection of sensor derived data to various Web-based social(More)
Distributed resource allocation is a very important and complex problem in emerging horizontal dynamic cloud federation (HDCF) platform. The HDCF platform differs from the existing vertical supply chain federation (VSCF) models in terms of establishing federation and dynamic pricing. There is a need to develop algorithms that can capture this complexity yet(More)
Device-free localization (DFL) is an emerging wireless technique for estimating the location of target that does not have any attached electronic device. It has found extensive use in Smart City applications such as healthcare at home and hospitals, location-based services at smart spaces, city emergency response and infrastructure security. In DFL,(More)
The phenomenon of cloud computing has been driven largely these days. Personal Cloud, as the cloud computing for personal usage, has come to the forefront. Compare with traditional operating system, personal cloud shifts individual computing "from being device-centric to information-centric", which create a bridge between operating system-based computing(More)
In this paper, we discuss one of the most important issues in Sensor-Grid, i.e., to develop a fast and flexible content-based publish/subscribe information dissemination (CBPSID) system for automatic fusion, interpretation, sharing and delivery of huge sensor data to consumers as the entire Sensor-Grid environment is very dynamic. Existing works to develop(More)
In a thin client computing architecture, application processing is delegated to a remote server rather than running the application locally. User input is forwarded to the server, and the rendered images are relayed through a dedicated remote display protocol to the user’s device. Thin-client computing offers the promise of easier-to-maintain computational(More)
In this paper, we propose a promising multi-objective (MO) optimization model for partner selection in a market-oriented dynamic collaboration (DC) platform of Cloud providers (CPs) to minimize the conflicts among providers that may happen when negotiating among providers. The model not only uses their individual information (INI) but also past(More)
In recent years, multimedia cloud computing is becoming a promising technology that can effectively process multimedia services and provide quality of service (QoS) provisioning for multimedia applications from anywhere, at any time and on any device at lower costs. However, there are two major challenges exist in this emerging computing paradigm: one is(More)