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1. Magnesium isoglycyrrhizinate (MgIg) has been extensively used in treating liver injury which is the common adverse reaction of docetaxel (DOC). Due to the narrow therapeutic window, small changes in pharmacokinetic profiles can alter the toxicity and therapeutic efficacy of DOC significantly. The study aimed to explore the effects of MgIg on the(More)
The generalizedNash equilibriumproblem (GNEP) is an extension of the standardNash equilibriumproblem (NEP), in which each player’s strategy set may depend on the rival player’s strategies. In this paper, we present two descent type methods.The algorithms are based on a reformulation of the generalized Nash equilibrium using Nikaido-Isoda function as(More)
In this study, the variation of pharmacokinetics behavior of raltitrexed (RTX) in rats after repeatedly injected with Huangqi injection was investigated. Twelve SD rats were divided into two groups: the multidose group and the RTX group. Rats in multidose group were iv. injected with Huangqi injection (dose of 1.575 mL x kg(-1)) everyday at 8 am for a week,(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effects of total flavonoids of Litsea Coreana (TFLC) on the gap junction (GJ) intercellular communication in TM3 testicular Leydig cells and whether TFLC can reduce the cytotoxicity of oxaliplatin (OHP) in vitro. METHODS We detected the effect of TFLC on the dye spread of the in vitro cultured TM3 cells by parachute assay,(More)
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