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We study an interesting phenomenon of social influence locality in a large microblogging network, which suggests that users' behaviors are mainly influenced by close friends in their ego networks. We provide a formal definition for the notion of social influence locality and develop two instan-tiation functions based on pairwise influence and structural(More)
Domain adaptation aims at learning robust clas-sifiers across domains using labeled data from a source domain. Representation learning methods, which project the original features to a new feature space, have been proved to be quite effective for this task. However, these unsupervised methods neglect the domain information of the input and are not(More)
Modeling interactions between two sentences is crucial for a number of natural language processing tasks including Answer Selection, Dialogue Act Analysis , etc. While deep learning methods like Recurrent Neural Network or Convo-lutional Neural Network have been proved to be powerful for sentence modeling, prior studies paid less attention on interactions(More)
Today IT has evolved from a mere efficiency tool to enabling business innovation and providing strategic value. As the highest level IT leader in organizations, CIO should be largely responsible for the success of IT-enabled business innovation. CIO must possess necessary skills, knowledge, and abilities to lead IT staff, business partners, and even(More)
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