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Screening for differentially expressed genes in Anoectochilus roxburghii (Orchidaceae) during symbiosis with the mycorrhizal fungus Epulorhiza sp.
This study is the first of its type in A. roxburghii to compare the transcriptomes between seedlings inoculated with the fungus and control seedlings, and the possible roles of the UPRTs and matK genes are discussed in relation to the fungal interaction.
[Effect of polysaccharides content of tissue culturing seedlings on Dendrobium candidium under sound wave stimulation].
The stimulation of the special sound wave promoted markedly the synthesis of polysaccharides in D. candidium, which may affect obviously the metabolic pathway ofPolysaccharide content of tissue culturing seedlings on Dendrobium candidium.
[Study on optimizing extraction methods of Lamiophlomis rotata].
The ethanol extraction is the optimal extracting technology, which is to put 10g powder of Lamiophlomis into 200ml 60% alcohol, and then reflux extract for 25 min.