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State-of-the-art methods treat pedestrian attribute recognition as a multi-label image classification problem. The location information of person attributes is usually eliminated or simply encoded in the rigid splitting of whole body in previous work. In this paper, we formulate the task in a weakly-supervised attribute localization framework. Based on(More)
In order to provide citizens with safe, convenient and comfortable services and infrastructure in a metropolis, the prediction of passenger flows in the metro-net of subway system has become more important than ever before. Although a great number of prediction methods have been presented in the field of transportation, all of them belong to the station(More)
In the last few years, extensive effort has been spent to develop better performed 3-D object retrieval methods. View-based methods have attracted a significant amount of attention, not only because their state-of-art performance, but also they merely require some of a 3-D object’s 2-D view images. However, most recent approaches only deal with the images’(More)
View-based 3D model retrieval uses a set of views to represent each object. Discovering the complex relationship between multiple views remains challenging in 3D object retrieval. Recent progress in the latent Dirichlet allocation (LDA) model leads us to propose its use for 3D object retrieval. This LDA approach explores the hidden relationships between(More)