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— We consider the stabilization problem for a kind of networked control systems in discrete-time domain with random delays. The sensor-to-controller and controller-to-sensor delays are modeled as two Markov chains, and the resulting closed-loop systems are jump linear systems with two modes. The necessary and sufficient conditions on the existence of the(More)
Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a major neurodegenerative brain disorder affecting about 14 million people worldwide. Aβ-induced cell injury is a crucial cause of neuronal loss in AD, thus the suppression of which might be useful for the treatment of this disease. In this study, we aimed to evaluate the effect of paeoniflorin (PF), a monoterpene glycoside(More)
Technological advances in cytotoxicity analysis have now made it possible to obtain real time data on changes in cell growth, morphology and cell death. This type of testing has a great potential for reducing and refining traditional in vivo toxicology tests. By monitoring the dynamic response profile of living cells via the xCELLigence real-time cell(More)
Mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is a multi-hop temporary autonomous system of mobile nodes with wireless transmitters and receivers without the aid of pre-established network infrastructure. With the development of network and demand of users, QoS has become one of the focus issues. A new routing protocol is proposed in this paper, which can provide QoS(More)
The presence of non-linearities, such as stiction and deadband, places limits on the performance of control valves. Indeed, in the process industries, stiction is the most common valve problem, and over the last decade numerous different techniques for overcoming it have been proposed. Detection and Diagnosis of Stiction in Control Loops represents a(More)
Recently, there has been an increasing emphasis on applications of pattern recognition and neuroimaging techniques in the effective and accurate diagnosis of psychiatric or neurological disorders. In the present study, we investigated the whole-brain resting-state functional connectivity patterns of Parkinson's disease (PD), which are expected to provide(More)
This paper is concerned with detection of parameter changes of total least squares and generalized total least squares models and its application in fault detection and isolation. Total least squares and generalized total least squares are frequently used to model processes when all measured process variables are corrupted by disturbances. It is therefore(More)