Biao Cheng

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Image compression techniques based on wavelet and fractal coding have been recognized signiicantly useful in image texture classiication and discrimination. In fractal coding approach, each image is represented by a set of self-transformations through which an approximation of the original image can be reconstructed. These transformations of images can be(More)
Large visual database systems require eeective and eecient ways of indexing and accessing visual data on the basis of content. In this process, signiicant features must rst be extracted from image data in their pixel format. These features must then be classiied and indexed to assist eecient access to image content. With the large volume of visual data(More)
BACKGROUND The single-row and double-row fixation techniques have been widely used for rotator cuff tears. However, whether the double-row technique produces superior clinical or anatomic outcomes is still considered controversial. This study aims to use meta-analysis to compare the clinical and anatomical outcomes between the two techniques. METHODS The(More)
PURPOSE Patellofemoral pathology is common, and patellofemoral dislocation mainly affects adolescents and young adults. We conducted a meta-analysis exclusively of RCTs to compare the clinical outcomes of patellar dislocation patients managed operatively versus non-operatively. METHODS After systematic review of electronic databases and websites, a total(More)
BACKGROUND Platelet-rich products (PRP) are widely used for rotator cuff tears. However, whether platelet-rich products produce superior clinical or radiological outcomes is controversial. This study aims to use meta-analysis to compare clinical and radiological outcomes between groups with or without platelet-rich products. METHODS The Pubmed, Embase,(More)
BACKGROUND Both tenotomy and tenodesis have been widely used for the treatment of long head of biceps tendon (LHBT) lesions, but the optimal strategy remains considerably controversial. In this meta-analysis of published studies, we compared the results of the two procedures. METHODS A literature search that compared tenotomy with tenodesis was performed(More)
Nowadays it remains a controversial issue whether a correlation exists between the apoptosis rate of tumor tissue and the prognosis of the patients. We aimed to explore the prognostic significance of apoptosis index of human osteosarcoma tissue. The technique of terminal DNA breakpoints in situ 3 - hydroxy end labeling (TUNEL) was used to detect and(More)
Stem cells have long been hypothesized to improve outcomes following rotator cuff repair. However, these cells must be signaled in order to do so. TGIF1 is a transcription factor that has been found to be down-regulated in cells involved in chondrogenesis. We therefore wished to examine whether stem cells expressing lower levels of TGIF1 could better(More)