Biancavaleria Punzo

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Alternaria sonchi is a fungal pathogen isolated from Sonchus arvensis and proposed as a biocontrol agent of this noxious perennial weed. Different phytotoxic metabolites were isolated from solid culture of the fungus. Two new polycyclic ethanones, named alternethanoxins A and B, were characterized using essentially spectroscopic and chemical methods. Tested(More)
Alternethanoxins A (1) and B (2) are fungal phytotoxins that are produced by Alternaria sonchi and have been recently characterized as new polycyclic ethanones. Triacetyl (3) and dimethyl (4) derivatives of compound 1 were evaluated together with alternethanoxins for their in vitro growth inhibitory activities in five human and one mouse cancer cell lines(More)
Fruit quality is a major focus for most conventional and innovative tomato breeding strategies, with particular attention being paid to fruit antioxidant compounds. Tomatoes represent a major contribution to dietary nutrition worldwide and a reservoir of diverse antioxidant molecules. In a previous study, we identified two Solanum pennellii introgression(More)
A 3,5-disubstituted furan, named flufuran, was isolated from a culture filtrate of a strain of Aspergillus flavus obtained from a chestnut compost created in the same orchard. Flufuran was identified by spectroscopic methods, and its structure was confirmed through the preparation of some key derivatives, also used to test the antifungal activity. At a(More)
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