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Salento Italian (SI) listeners' categorization and discrimination of standard Southern British English (SSBE) vowels were examined in order to establish their initial state in the acquisition of the SSBE vowel system. The results of the vowel categorization task revealed that SI listeners showed single-category assimilation for many SSBE vowels and(More)
The present study investigates Salento Italian (SI) listeners' initial state in the perception of American English (AE) vowels. Results of categorization and discrimination tasks are discussed in terms of the Perceptual Assimilation Model [1] and the Second Language Linguistic Perception model (L2LP; [2]). Further, the categorization results are compared to(More)
According to the Perceptual Assimilation Model (PAM), articulatory similarity/dissimilarity between sounds of the second language (L2) and the native language (L1) governs L2 learnability in adulthood and predicts L2 sound perception by naïve listeners. We performed behavioral and neurophysiological experiments on two groups of university students at the(More)
governs classroom learning of second language phonemes in adulthood – Behavioural and electrophysiological evidence ". Second language discrimination vowel contrasts by adults speakers with a five vowel system " , La variazione micro-parametrica nei processi di armonizzazione del Salento meridionale. Studio articolatorio tramite Articulografo(More)
A group of southern Salentino varieties is characterized by a vowel assimilation process in which the stressed mid vowels /ϯ/, /ѐ/ are raised to their mid-high counterparts [e] and [o], when followed by the unstressed high vowels-i and-u (Grimaldi (2003)). Following Calabrese's (1998) and Walker (2005), a.o., Grimaldi (2009) proposed that this assimilation(More)
The present study investigates whether phonetic lessons enable improvement of adult L2 perception and whether 2) L2 perceptual learning in the classroom setting can be explained by the Second Language Linguistic Perception (L2LP) model (Escudero, 2005). Salento Italian (SI) listeners' initial state of perception of American English (AE) vowels was examined.(More)
This study tests the ability of a group of Salento Italian undergraduate students that have been exposed to L2 in a scholastic context to perceive British English second language (L2) vowel phonemes. The aim is to verify if the Perceptual Assimilation Model could be applied to them. In order to test their ability to perceive L2 phonemes, subjects have(More)
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