Bianca Schulz

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Extracellular recordings were made from 103 neurons located in the medial parts of the reticular formation of the lower brainstem of chloralose-urethane anesthetized dogs. Activities of 2 or 3 neighbouring neurons under identical conditions could be recorded with one electrode. In 9 recordings it was possible to register simultaneously up to 5 neurons with(More)
The reticular formation of the lower brain stem contains neuronal circuits for the generation of sympathetic tone, respiratory rhythm, muscle tone and the control of vigilance. In anesthetized dogs single neurone activities were recorded in the medial two-thirds of the reticular formation to investigate the organizing principles of this multifunctional(More)
Temporal relations of discharges of 73 pairs of neurones located in the medial parts of the reticular formation of the lower brainstem were studied by cross correlation analyses in chloralose-urethane anaesthetized dogs. The action potentials of 2 or 3 neighbouring neurones were recorded with one electrode simultaneously. Uncorrelated discharges of neurones(More)
Experiments were done in dogs with chloralose-urethane anesthesia. Long-lasting extracellular recordings were made from the medial parts of the reticular formation of the lower brainstem for up to 250 min. The study is based on reactions of 103 neurons. The activities of 2 or 3 neighbouring neurons recorded under identical conditions with one electrode or(More)
Autosomal recessive cutis laxa type I (ARCL type I) is characterized by generalized cutis laxa with pulmonary emphysema and/or vascular complications. Rarely, mutations can be identified in FBLN4 or FBLN5. Recently, LTBP4 mutations have been implicated in a similar phenotype. Studying FBLN4, FBLN5, and LTBP4 in 12 families with ARCL type I, we found(More)
In conscious Wistar rats, endothelin (ET-I) caused a dose-dependent long-lasting blood pressure increase, which was more pronounced after indomethacin pretreatment. The initial blood pressure drop was also enhanced after indomethacin. The stable prostacyclin analogue iloprost completely reversed the pressor effect of endothelin. In the hamster cheek pouch,(More)
In in vitro binding studies ZK 33.839 (4-(3-[3-(4-(4-fluorobenzoyl)-1-piperidinyl)-propoxy]-4-methoxyphenyl)- 2-pyrrolidone) showed highly specific binding affinity for 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT2) and alpha 1-receptors. With 2.0 nmol/l and 5.2 nmol/l both Ki-values occur in the same concentration range. The pharmacodynamic profile of ZK 33.839 has been(More)