Bianca Schroeder

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Designing highly dependable systems requires a good understanding of failure characteristics. Unfortunately, little raw data on failures in large IT installations are publicly available. This paper analyzes failure data collected at two large high-performance computing sites. The first data set has been collected over the past nine years at Los Alamos(More)
Errors in dynamic random access memory (DRAM) are a common form of hardware failure in modern compute clusters. Failures are costly both in terms of hardware replacement costs and service disruption. While a large body of work exists on DRAM in laboratory conditions, little has been reported on real DRAM failures in large production clusters. In this paper,(More)
Main memory is one of the leading hardware causes for machine crashes in today's datacenters. Designing, evaluating and modeling systems that are resilient against memory errors requires a good understanding of the underlying characteristics of errors in DRAM in the field. While there have recently been a few first studies on DRAM errors in production(More)
An important threat to reliable storage of data is silent data corruption. In order to develop suitable protection mechanisms against data corruption, it is essential to understand its characteristics. In this article, we present the first large-scale study of data corruption. We analyze corruption instances recorded in production storage systems containing(More)
Is it possible to reduce the expected response time of <i>every</i> request at a web server, simply by changing the order in which we schedule the requests? That is the question we ask in this paper.This paper proposes a method for improving the performance of web servers servicing static HTTP requests. The idea is to give preference to requests for small(More)
Latent sector errors (LSEs) refer to the situation where particular sectors on a drive become inaccessible. LSEs are a critical factor in data reliability, since a single LSE can lead to data loss when encountered during RAID reconstruction after a disk failure or in systems without redundancy. LSEs happen at a significant rate in the field [Bairavasundaram(More)
The energy consumed by data centers is starting to make up a significant fraction of the world's energy consumption and carbon emissions. A large fraction of the consumed energy is spent on data center cooling, which has motivated a large body of work on temperature management in data centers. Interestingly, a key aspect of temperature management has not(More)
Component failure in large-scale IT installations is becoming an ever-larger problem as the number of components in a single cluster approaches a million. This article is an extension of our previous study on disk failures [Schroeder and Gibson 2007] and presents and analyzes field-gathered disk replacement data from a number of large production systems,(More)