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The circadian clock and the cell cycle are major cellular systems that organize global physiology in temporal fashion. It seems conceivable that the potentially conflicting programs are coordinated. We show here that overexpression of MYC in U2OS cells attenuates the clock and conversely promotes cell proliferation while downregulation of MYC strengthens(More)
The experiments reported herein examined the effects of chemical carcinogen treatment of precursor hyperplastic alveolar nodules on the immunogenicity of subsequent mammary tumors in mice. The results of in vitro immunogenicity assays were compared with those of in vivo transplantation resistance tests. This comparison demonstrated that the in vitro assays(More)
Tumor-bearing lymph nodes from SJL mice were characterized by histologic, ultrastructural, and immunologic methods. These approaches consistently revealed a predominance of macrophage-like cells in the primary neoplasm. When the tumor-bearing lymph nodes were placed in cell culture, colonies of adherent cells grew slowly to confluence and demonstrated(More)
The in vitro blastogenic response of spleen cells to phytohemagglutinin-M (PHA) was evaluated as a measurement of the immunologic reactivity of virgin, pregnant and post-partum mice. In PHA-stimulated cultures 3H-thymidine incorporation by lymphocytes from post-partum mice was not significantly different from that of virgin age-matched control mice.(More)
Lymphoid cells isolated form several types of mouse mammary tumors are capable of stimulating tumor cell growth or survival in MCT assays. Lymph node and spleen cells of mice bearing such a tumor are specifically cytotoxic to the tumor cells. Surgical removal of the tumor is followed in 4 to 7 days by the appearance of stimulatory capacity in spleens and(More)
cells (a) TaqMan qPCR analysis of BMAL1 and REV-ERBα transcripts normalized to GAPDH from Figure 1b at 24 and 36 hours after synchronization (n=3). (b) Overexpressed MYC correlates with reduced expression of BMAL1 and CLOCK, while REV-ERBα levels are different in two cell clones. Western blot analysis of indicated proteins in synchronized U2OS t-rex(More)
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