Bianca Maria Vaglieco

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In the present article we characterized the emissions at the exhaust of a Common Rail (CR) diesel engine, representative of light-duty class, equipped with a catalyzed diesel particulate filter (CDPF) in controlled environment. The downstream exhausts were directly analyzed (for PM, CO, CO2, 02, HCs, NOx) by infrared and electrochemical sensors, and SEM-EDS(More)
Introduction In order to overcome the pollutant emission limitations the use of homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) mode must be considered in direct injection diesel engine using biodiesel fuel. HCCI mode reduces PM and NOx emissions without penalize the performances [1]. This occurs because the combustion develops with low temperature and burns(More)
Within the context of ever wider expansion of direct injection in spark ignition engines, this investigation was aimed at improved understanding of the correlation between fuel injection strategy and emission of nanoparticles. Measurements performed on a wall guided engine allowed identifying the mechanisms involved in the formation of carbonaceous(More)
The paper applies simulation techniques for the prediction and optimization of the thermo-fluid-dynamic phenomena characterising the energy conversion process in an internal combustion engine. It presents the development and validation of a 3D CFD model for a GDI optically accessible engine operating either under stoichiometric homogeneous charges or under(More)
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