Bianca Hemmeryckx

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To evaluate the effect of aging on adipose tissue development, subcutaneous (SC) and gonadal (GON) white and peri-aortic brown adipose tissues were analyzed of 10 and 30 week old mice deficient in the clock gene Bmal1 (brain and muscle arnt like protein 1) (Bmal1(-/-)) and wild-type littermates (Bmal1(+/+)) kept on a standard fat diet. At both ages, daily(More)
The adapter protein Crkl has been implicated in the abnormal signal transduction pathways activated by the Bcr/Abl oncoprotein, which causes Philadelphia-positive leukemias in humans. To investigate the role of Crkl in tumorigenesis, we have generated transgenic mice that express human Crkl from the CRKL promoter. Western blot analysis showed a 4 – 6-fold(More)
The effect of ageing on the morphology of veins, venous valves and arteries was investigated in male wild-type mice using an adapted procedure with injection of a silicone polymer Microfil® that preserves morphology of the vasculature. Throughout the hind limb the arterial, but not the venous, lumen area and wall thickness were significantly greater in(More)
Pulmonary exposure to nanoparticles (NPs) may affect, in addition to pulmonary toxicity, the cardiovascular system such as procoagulant effects, vascular dysfunction and progression of atherosclerosis. However, only few studies have investigated hemostatic effects after pulmonary exposure. We used Bmal1 (brain and muscle ARNT-like protein-1) knockout(More)
BACKGROUND The development of atherosclerosis is strongly linked to disorders of cholesterol metabolism. Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) are dysregulated in patients and animal models with atherosclerosis. Whether systemic MMP activity influences cholesterol metabolism is unknown. METHODS AND RESULTS We examined MMP-9-deficient (Mmp9(-/-)) mice and found(More)
BACKGROUND Small GTPases of the Rho family are critical regulators of various cellular functions including actin cytoskeleton organization, activation of kinase cascades and mitogenesis. For this reason, a major objective has been to understand the mechanisms of Rho GTPase regulation. Here, we examine the function of a novel protein, Scambio, which shares(More)
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