Bianca Habermann

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Translationalregulation plays an important role in the control of gene expression. Changes in translation initiation rates are the most common translation-regulating mechanisms, resulting in alterations in mRNA loading of ribosomes. This differential mobilization of mRNAs onto polyribosomes was used in differential screening to directly identify cDNAs whose(More)
BACKGROUND Erythropoietin (Epo) is required for correct execution of the erythroid differentiation program. Erythropoiesis requires Bcl-X(L), a major late target of Epo-receptor signaling. Mice lacking Bcl-X(L) die around embryonic age E12.5, forming normal erythroid progenitors but lacking functional red cells. Recently, serum-free culture conditions for(More)
This interpretive study explored the experience of having Parkinson's disease (PD) in middle life. The researcher examined how persons with PD (N = 16) coped with challenges to their sense of self and a future of limited horizons. Participants were ages 42-59 years (mean age = 48 years) and had been diagnosed for a range of 1-16 years. In-depth interviews,(More)
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