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The pelvic peristalsis "milks" the renal papilla in rodents. This study investigates the effect of the pelvic contractions upon the fluid in papillary loops of Henle (LH) and capillaries (cap) and on the volume of collecting duct (CD) cells, papillary epithelial (PE) cells and interstitium. In the anesthetized antidiuretic hamsters the urine was made green(More)
Osmolality and solute concentrations of the mammalian renal medulla increase and decrease with changing urine osmolality. These changes are brought about by addition or removal of solute or water to or from the renal medullary tissue. In Munich-Wistar rats and Syrian hamsters, males and females, actual amounts of and the various solutes involved in these(More)
Preoperative autologous blood donation is employed with increasing frequency, particularly in patients undergoing elective orthopedic procedures. While autologous transfusion decreases the incidence of postoperative infections and other complications, the cost-effectiveness of this therapy has not been fully investigated. We constructed a decision analytic(More)
STUDY DESIGN Survival following mechanical ventilation for acute respiratory failure has important implications for medical decision-making and allocation of expensive resources for critical care. PROCEDURE We reviewed a 5-year experience with mechanical ventilation in 383 men with acute respiratory failure and studied the impact of patient age, cause of(More)
An unbiased cDNA expression phage library derived from bone-marrow endothelial cells was used to identify novel surface adhesion molecules that might participate in metastasis. Herein we report that reticulocalbin 1 (RCN1) is a cell surface-associated protein on both endothelial (EC) and prostate cancer (PCa) cell lines. RCN1 is an H/KDEL protein with six(More)
BACKGROUND Aortic valve replacement is a common procedure in elderly patients. There has been a great deal of controversy about the risks associated with early mortality. Uncertainty of the risk associated with a small valve continues to remain controversial. This study was designed to identify the risk factors influencing early mortality and establish an(More)
We reviewed the clinical and laboratory characteristics of 34 patients who had classical heatstroke during the Kansas City heat wave of 1980. The patients were elderly, predominantly black, and of low socioeconomic class. Overall mortality was 18%, with 9% of patients exhibiting severe residual neurologic deficit; 73% had full recovery. Patients with coma,(More)
BACKGROUND End-stage renal disease and the need for chronic hemodialysis is an indication for hepatitis B vaccination, but up to half of dialysis patients fail to respond to a 40 microg/dose i.m. three-dose primary series of recombinant hepatitis B vaccine. Only another 10-20% respond to additional boosting doses of vaccine. PATIENTS AND METHODS Since(More)
Renal physiological and morphological adjustments to a reduced protein diet were studied in young Munich-Wistar rats. Two groups of animals were used for the correlative physiological-morphological studies: normal protein (NP, 24% dietary protein) rats and reduced protein (LP, 8% dietary protein) rats. Both groups were fed their respective diets for 4-5 wk(More)
We report a case of severe bilateral knee avascular necrosis in a HIV-positive man receiving ritonavir and inhaled fluticasone. This case highlights the need for a thorough medication history in patients on ritonavir-based antiretroviral therapy, especially where multiple prescribers are involved in the patient's care.