Bianca Granados

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Twelve female rats weighing approximately 150 g received in the submaxillary gland a pellet capable of releasing 3.5 microg GHRH/h for 60 days. Another eight sex- and weight-matched animals received placebo pellets in the same place. After two months the animals were killed, heart blood was collected and pituitary and submaxillary glands were carefully(More)
BACKGROUND Circadian rhythms shift out of phase after transmeridian flights. Desynchronization between body rhythms and the environment is linked to jet lag, which depends on age, flight direction, and number of time zones crossed. METHODS To investigate this problem in airline pilots, we performed a multivariate analysis of their circadian systems during(More)
To test whether salivary tissue can secrete pituitary hormones, female Sprague-Dawley rats were hypophysectomized (hypox) and the following were transplanted to the sella turcica: parotid gland (group 3, n=33), adrenal gland (group 4, n=30), muscle (group 5, n=24). Group 2 (n=21) had the sella turcica filled with dentist's cement. In addition a group of(More)
Negative symptoms are a core feature of schizophrenia and their reliable and valid assessment is a prerequisite for developing effective therapeutic interventions. This study examined the psychometric properties and validity of the Spanish version of a new rating instrument, the Clinical Assessment Interview for Negative Symptoms (CAINS). Outpatients and(More)
  • Mitter Bibliography, Attn, Judy Osgood, Crabbe, J B Rogers, N L Szuba +50 others
  • 2003
Bibliography This special bibliography contains references that have been sent to us as well as citations for abstracts from scientific meetings. It is not intended to be a complete bibliography, rather it presents a sample of the work that has been done with this equipment. Abstract 320.I, pg. A173. L.F. 2003. Self-reported sleep quality and fatigue(More)
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