Bianca Dendena

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Analysis of rice plants exposed to a broad range of relatively low and environmentally realistic Cd concentrations showed that the root capacity to retain Cd ions rose from 49 to 79%, corresponding to increases in the external Cd²+ concentration in the 0.01-1 µM range. Fractioning of Cd ions retained by roots revealed that different events along the metal(More)
Among cereals, rice has a genetic propensity to accumulate high levels of cadmium (Cd) in grains. Xylem-mediated root-to-shoot translocation rather than root uptake has been suggested as the main physiological factor accounting for the genotypic variation observed in Cd accumulation in shoots and grains. Several evidence indicate OsHMA2 – a putative zinc(More)
Cashew is a tropical tree native to South America. Cashew was introduced in Asia and Africa by European explorers in the sixteenth century. The world production of cashew raw nuts reached 4.27 million tons in 2011. Vietnam is the top producer of raw nuts, and India is the first processor and exporter of processed nuts. The cashew market is expected to(More)
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