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The effective long-term use of indwelling ureteral stents is often hindered by the formation of encrusting deposits which may cause obstruction and blockage of the stent. Development of improved ureteral stent biomaterials capable of preventing or reducing encrustation is therefore particularly desirable. In this study, the suitability as a ureteral stent(More)
Currently only small sewers with symmetrical shape can be renewed automatically. Large brick sewers, as found in nearly every big town, are repaired manually. Therefore the company HOCTIEF and the Fraunhofergesellschaft have developed a remote controlled manipulator system. This machine is a hydraulic driven robot with 5 d.o.f for the automatic cutting and(More)
Homoleptic octahedral, superelectrophilic sigma-bonded metal carbonyl cations of the type [M(CO)(6)](2+) (M = Ru, Os) are generated in the Bronsted-Lewis conjugate superacid HF/SbF(5) by reductive carbonylation of M(SO(3)F)(3) (M = Ru, Os) or OsF(6). Thermally stable salts form with either [Sb(2)F(11)](-) or [SbF(6)](-) as anion, just as for the previously(More)
The dynamic CO exchange of the monovalent metal carbonyl cations [Ag(13CO)]+, [Au(13CO)2]+-Au(13CO) SO3F and [Rh(12CO)4-x(13CO)x]+ (x < or = 1) in superacidic solutions was studied by variable-temperature 13C NMR methods. The exchange rates are strongly dependent on the acidity of the solvent, the concentration of metal carbonyl cations and temperature.(More)
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