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Integer DCT-based reversible watermarking for images using companding technique
We present a high capacity reversible watermarking scheme using companding technique over integer DCT coefficients of image blocks. This scheme takes advantage of integer DCT coefficients'Expand
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Reversible watermarking of 2D-vector data
This paper presents a reversible watermarking scheme for the 2D-vector data (point coordinates) which are popularly used in geographical information related applications. This reversible watermarkingExpand
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Parameterized geometric alignment for minutiae-based fingerprint template protection
  • Bian Yang, C. Busch
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE 3rd International Conference on Biometrics…
  • 28 September 2009
In this paper a parameterized geometric alignment method is proposed for minutiae-based fingerprint template protection by transforming an original minutia vicinity into a geometrically-aligned andExpand
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Reversible Watermarking for Relational Database Authentication
Abstract. A reversible watermarking scheme for relational databases is proposed in this paper to achieve lossless and exact authentication of relational databases via expansion on data errorExpand
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Criteria towards metrics for benchmarking template protection algorithms
Traditional criteria used in biometric performance evaluation do not cover all the performance aspects of biometric template protection (BTP) and the lack of well-defined metrics inhibits the properExpand
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SVD Based Blind Video Watermarking Algorithm
In this paper, a new blind video watermarking algorithm is proposed based on the singular value decomposition. The watermarks can be detected without the original video or any other information ofExpand
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Block Mean Value Based Image Perceptual Hashing
Image perceptual hashing has been proposed to identify or authenticate image contents in a robust way against distortions caused by compression, noise, common signal processing and geometricalExpand
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Scaling-robust fingerprint verification with smartphone camera in real-life scenarios
We propose a new scheme for accurate contactless fingerprint recognition captured with smartphone cameras under various real-life scenarios. The proposed scheme can be structured using three buildingExpand
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MDCT-Based Perceptual Hashing for Compressed Audio Content Identification
In this paper, a perceptual audio hashing method in compressed domain is proposed for content identification, in which MDCT coefficients as the intermediate decoding result are selected forExpand
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Quality Assessment for Fingerprints Collected by Smartphone Cameras
We propose an approach to assess the quality of fingerprint samples captured by smartphone cameras under real-life scenarios. Our approach extracts a set of quality features for image blocks. WithoutExpand
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