Bi-juan He

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OBJECTIVE To study the chemical constituents from the hypocotyls of mangrove Bruguiera gymnorrhiza. METHODS The chemical constituents were isolated and purified by recrystallization, silica gel column chromatography and semi-preparative HPLC. Their structures were identified by spectroscopic analysis and comparison with literatures. RESULTS Seven(More)
The authors collected the Raman spectra of single blood platelets of human, pig, rat and rabbit suspended in saline so-lution by using a laser tweezers Raman spectroscopy (LTRS) setup. A single platelet cell was trapped in the focus of a near-infrared laser beam at 785 nm and the excited Raman spectrum was acquired. For each species, the Raman spectra of up(More)
Laser tweezers Raman spectroscopy can help with observing and studying individual cells or organelles in a natural state for a relatively long period. In the present experiment, Laser tweezers Raman spectroscopy (LTRS) was used as a tool to report physiological metabolism such as cells growth and nucleic acid, proteins, lipid and glucose of a single active(More)
The Raman spectra from carcinoma of nasopharynx cell lines (CNE2) and normal airway epithelial cell lines (HBE) were investigated using a laser tweezers Raman spectroscopy (LTRS). The Raman scattering measurements were obtained from three different places in every single cell. Visual inspection of the spectra shows that the differences observed in spectra(More)
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