Bi-Yao Wang

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The reaction of OH with dimethyl ether (CH3OCH3) has been studied from 195 to 850 K using laser flash photolysis coupled to laser induced fluorescence detection of OH radicals. The rate coefficient from this work can be parametrized by the modified Arrhenius expression k = (1.23 ± 0.46) × 10(-12) (T/298)(2.05±0.23) exp((257 ± 107)/T) cm(3) molecule(-1)(More)
We present a further interpretation of reaction class transition state theory (RC-TST) proposed by Truong et al. for the accurate calculation of rate coefficients for reactions in a class. It is found that the RC-TST can be interpreted through the isodesmic reaction method, which is usually used to calculate reaction enthalpy or enthalpy of formation for a(More)
The methoxymethyl radical, CH3OCH2, is an important intermediate in the low temperature combustion of dimethyl ether. The kinetics and yields of OH from the reaction of the methoxymethyl radical with O2 have been measured over the temperature and pressure ranges of 195-650 K and 5-500 Torr by detecting the hydroxyl radical using laser-induced fluorescence(More)
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