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The three-dimensional structures of the snake venom postsynaptic neurotoxins and of the domains in wheat germ agglutinin show a remarkably similar overall folding pattern, consisting of equivalently placed, but variably sized loops which are held together by four similarly positioned disulfide bonds. Furthermore, occurrence of this wheat germ(More)
The three-dimensional structure of erabutoxin a, a single-chain, 62-residue protein neurotoxin from snake venom, has been determined to 2.0-A resolution by x-ray crystal structure analysis. Molecular replacement methods were used, and the structure refined to a residual R = 0.17. The sites of 62 water molecules and 1 sulfate ion have been located and(More)
The three-dimensional structure of erabutoxin b, a neurotoxin in the venom of the sea snake Laticauda semifasciata, has been determined from a 2.75 A resolution electron density map. Erabutoxin b is one of a family of snake venom neurotoxins, all low-molecular-weight proteins, which block neuromuscular transmission at the postsynaptic membrane. They(More)
Bovine proinsulin has been crystallized under a variety of conditions at both neutral and acid pH. Microtechniques were employed with sample weights of about 200 mug and volumes of 5-20 mul. The crystalline preparations all differ from each other morphologically.X-ray photographs of one form, tetragonal bipyramids grown at pH 3 with added ammonium sulphate(More)
The latter stages in the refinement of the protein erabutoxin b are described. The crystal structure of the 62-residue protein has been refined to a conventional R factor of 0.144 by stereochemically restrained least-squares methods using diffraction data to a limit of 1.4 A spacings. Emphasis was placed on determining as accurately as possible the solvent(More)
The crystal structure of the protein postsynaptic neurotoxin, erabutoxin b, has been refined at 0.140-nm resolution (R = 0.22) by restrained least-squares and interactive computer graphics. The study has established complete structural identity of the two sea-snake venom toxins, erabutoxin b and neurotoxin b, isolated from Laticauda semifasciata snakes(More)