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In this paper, a verifiable copyright-proving scheme based on lifting wavelet transformation is proposed. Our scheme uses lifting wavelet transform (LWT) and chaotic system on the protected image in order to generate a verification map. Using the verification map, anyone can publicly verify the copyright of the protected image without needing the original(More)
This paper focuses mainly on using chaos encryption to protect AVS audio efficiently. A novel digital watermarking approach is introduced for audio copyright protection. A meaningful gray image embedded into digital compressed audio data is researched by quantizing MDCT coefficients (using integer lifting MDCT) of audio samples based on chaotic(More)
The ever-changing market information makes the traditional information collection and the way for using it unfitted for enterprises' business requirements. Knowledge mining for Web business intelligence (KB4WBI) platform is put forward in this paper, and online Web knowledge acquisition and knowledge semantics management are realized. Since Web business(More)
This paper proposed an algorithm for image authentication and verification. The algorithm is based on public key. The owner of image extracts the information as watermark information from the image which he wants to transmit to others. The owner embeds the watermark information into the image with public key. Anyone can judge the valid of the watermarked(More)
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