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To meet the requirements of high precision low frequency measurement applications, a 16-bit sigma-delta A/D converter with programmable gain was proposed. The programmable gain input allows the ADC to accept input signals directly from a strain gage or transducer removing a considerable amount of signal conditioning. The circuit could also be digitally(More)
In this paper a algorithm of level scan-line filling is introduced that can realize contour filling, which is obtained by tracing contour clockwise in 8-adjacent image, we decide the role of current point by judging its in-direction, out-direction and contour extending trend. Through the algorithm can we realize the full-filling of a closed region.
In order to promote the reliability of network management, a fault tolerant reconstruction mechanism based on distributed agents is proposed. The mechanism provides malfunction reconstruction one for the key nodes in network management, or domains manager, so as to ensure the accomplishment of network tasks from the malfunction of domains manager. This(More)
In the title solvate, C22H18O6·2C3H7NO, the complete dicarboxylic acid molecule is generated by a crystallographic twofold axis, which bisects the central benzene ring and one N,N-di-methyl-formamide solvent mol-ecule. The dihedral angle between the central and pendant benzene rings is 54.53 (5)° while that between the pendant rings is 45.44 (5)°. In the(More)
Neural network has been one of the most common methods used in the intrusion detection system (IDS). In this paper, we describe a method to deal with the common audit data set. It includes converting the string to numeric elements firstly, then omitting the unnecessary data and ensuring that the data has the reasonable range limit. The simulation results(More)
Adopting color-coded structured light Three-dimensional measurement of color target, due to the superposition of two colors, colored stripes on the target color will occur distorted changes, resulting in decoding errors of colored stripes, leading to measurement error. Focus on this problem, we propose a color component information processing method which(More)
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