Bi C Truong

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A newborn term male infant was found to have the stigmata of VACTERL syndrome, including cervical and thoracic hemivertebra, partial sacral agenesis, 13 pairs of ribs, high imperforate anus with rectovesical fistula, and tracheoesophageal fistula with proximal esophageal atresia. No open spinal dysraphism or skin dimpling was seen. Ultrasonography of the(More)
The coarse-grained continuum primitive model is developed and used to characterize the titration and electrical conductance behavior of aqueous solutions of fullerene hexa malonic acid (FHMA). The spherical FHMA molecule, a highly charged electrolyte with an absolute valence charge as large as 12, is modeled as a dielectric sphere in Newtonian fluid, and(More)
In this work, we use coarse-grained modeling to study the free solution electrophoretic mobility of small highly charged peptides (lysine, arginine, and short oligos thereof (up to nonapeptides)) in NaCl and Na2SO4 aqueous solutions at neutral pH and room temperature. The experimental data are taken from the literature. A bead modeling methodology that(More)
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