Bhuvanesh Pareek

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In most cases authors are permitted to post their version of the article (e.g. in Word or Tex form) to their personal website or institutional repository. Authors requiring further information regarding Elsevier's archiving and manuscript policies are encouraged to visit: a b s t r a c t In survival analysis, or in reliability study, an investigator is(More)
Pregnant Swiss albino mice at different fetal growth periods were exposed to 150 R gamma rays in the presence or absence of 2-mercaptopropionylglycine (MPG), a SH radioprotector. The weights of litters born to these mothers were recorded at different postpartum intervals. There was an initial weight loss at 1 week after birth followed by a second weight(More)
Pregnant Swiss albino mice were exposed at gestation days 141/4, 161/4 and 181/4 to 1.5 Gy gamma radiation from 60Co in the presence or absence of 2-mercaptopropionylglycine (MPG). Liver was taken from the litters born to these mothers at different post-partum intervals. The maximum sensitivity was found in 4-week-old animals irradiated at gestation day(More)
Pregnant Swiss albino mice were whole-body exposed to 250, 150 and 50 R gamma-radiation from 60Co in the presence or absence of 2-mercaptopropionylglycine during selective organogenesis and fetal growth periods (days 11.25 and 14.25, 16.25 and 18.25 after conception, respectively). Both the protected and nonprotected pregnant females of 11.25-day gestation(More)
The sensitivity of spermatogonia to radiation was investigated in adult male Swiss albino mice after whole body exposure to three different doses (3, 6 and 8 Gy) of gamma radiation from a 60Co source with or without the drug S-2-(3-aminopropylamino) ethylphosphorothioic acid (WR-2721), at a dose of 400 mg/kg body weight. Spermatogonia A were counted in the(More)
Pregnant mice at gestation days 14 1/4, 16 1/4 and 18 1/4 were exposed to 250 R gamma rays in presence and absence of MPG, a -SH radioprotector. There was a biphasic weight loss in post partum animals born to irradiated mothers. In the MPG treated young ones, the second weight loss was remarkably averted. It was also found that 14 1/4 day of gestation was(More)