Bhuvan Sharma

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In silico combinatorial library design involves the identification of molecules that have a greater probability of exhibiting desired biological activity when subjected to in vitro screening (assaying) against a particular biological target. The paper introduces the integration of cluster-oriented genetic algorithms (COGAs) with such machine-based library(More)
Many real world business processes are executed without explicit orchestration and hence do not generate structured execution logs. This is particularly true for the class of business processes which are executed in service delivery centers in emerging markets where rapid changes in processes and in the people executing the processes are common. In such(More)
Four hundered cases of dermatophytoses confirmed microscopically, were analysed. it was more common in 11 to 20 years age group mid males. Females acquired tinea corporis more commonly. Tinea cruris was more frequent in males. Ma3dmum cases were of tinea cruris followed by tinea cruris et corpmis and tinea corporis in that order. the isolation rate on(More)
INTRODUCTION Ground water is the ultimate and most suitable fresh water resource for human consumption in the urban areas of India. Studies regarding ground water quality have shown that the higher rate of exploration as compared to the rate of recharging, inappropriate dumping of solid, as well as liquid waste, lack of strict enforcement of law has led to(More)
555 clinically suspected cases of dermatomycoses were studied for causative fungi and their detailed clinical manifestations. The fungi were demonstrated on routine KOH mount and/or by culture in 464 cases (83.6%). Tinea corporis was the predominant fungal infection (30.6%) and T. rubrum was the main etiologic agent. Favus (T. schoenleini) was found only in(More)
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