Bhuvan Molparia

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BACKGROUND Synthetic genomic approaches offer unique opportunities to use powerful yeast and Escherichia coli genetic systems to assemble and modify chromosome-sized molecules before returning the modified DNA to the target host. For example, the entire 1 Mb Mycoplasma mycoides chromosome can be stably maintained and manipulated in yeast before being(More)
Estrogen- and microRNA-mediated gene regulation play a crucial role in breast cancer biology. However, a functional link between the two major players remains unclear. This study reveals miR-191 as an estrogen-inducible onco-miR in breast cancer, which promotes several hallmarks of cancer including enhanced cell proliferation, migration, chemoresistance and(More)
Engineering zinc finger protein motifs for specific DNA targets in genomes is critical in the field of genome engineering. We have developed a computational method for predicting recognition helices for C2H2 zinc fingers that bind to specific target DNA sites. This prediction is based on artificial neural network using an exhaustive dataset of zinc finger(More)
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