Bhushan V. Patil

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The work describes the design and implementation of Complex Programmable Logic Devices (CPLDs) board for many digital applications in the educational and research field laboratory in the university. The objective of designed board is to implement the digital logic, which can be used for any digital application and take advantages of CPLDs features like(More)
This paper presents the implementation of Complex Programmable Logic Devices (CPLDs) board for digital and robotics applications for digital and robotics laboratory in the university. The objective of designed board is to take advantages of CPLDs features like reconfigurable architecture, high speed operation, pin locking, in-system programming (ISP) for(More)
Near Field Communication (NFC) is a standards-based, short range wireless communication technology which validates two-way interaction between electronic devices allowing contactless transactions and provides an ease to connect devices with a single touch. NFC allows exchange of information between devices within 10 cm range. NFC technology is also(More)
  • Bhushan V. Patil, Gaurav J. Patil, K. S. Sagale, Narendrasing B. Rajput, Dipak V. Ahire
  • 2010
DFT and FFT play most important roles in DSP. The FFT is a computationally intensive DSP function widely used in applications such as image-processing applications, software-defined radio, instrumentation and machine inspection. DSP processors are used for implementing many of these DSP applications. Although DSP processors are programmable through(More)
— Our project entitled Automation for Management System is given by our college to develop. It is total end to end solution for all engineering colleges for maintaining the records of students & staff in their institute. In effect, we maintain an updated database of all details like all branches, all subjects, all students information, subject wise(More)
Lights! Camera! Action! constitute the basic fundamentals of Digital image processing. Digital image processing is a rapidly evolving field with growing applications in science and engineering. Image processing holds the possibility of developing the ultimate machine that could perform the visual functions of all living beings. Digital image processing has(More)
Portions of the radio spectrum that are assigned to a particular use but are unused or unoccupied at specific locations and times are defined as "white space". The concept of allowing additional transmissions (which may or may not be licensed) in white space is a technique to "unlock" existing spectrum for new use. This document includes the problem(More)
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