Bhushan Trivedi

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SDN separates the control plane and data plane. SDN needs to be equipped with complex and proprietary networking devices as it needs to separate the infrastructure layer (network device) from the control layer (network OS, which provides a central view and control over the network and network services) and the application layer (software/business(More)
Network as well as Host security has become an essential requirement to guard important network resources against unauthorized and unauthenticated access. The reason is that due to technology advancements, the threats and attacks are becoming all the more intelligent and insensitive to existing security measures implemented by an Network Intrusion Detection(More)
Intrusion Detection and/or Prevention Systems (IDPS) represent an important line of defence against a variety of attacks that can compromise the security and proper functioning of an enterprise information system. Along with the widespread evolution of new emerging services, the quantity and impact of attacks have continuously increased, attackers(More)
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