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The increasing number of network security related incidents makes it necessary for organizations to actively protect their sensitive data with the installation of intrusion detection systems (IDS). Autonomous software agents, especially when equipped with mobility, promise an interesting design approach for such applications. We evaluate the implications of(More)
Implantable Medical Devices (IMDs) have emerged as a breakthrough technology for e-healthcare. Healthcare providers use wireless medium of communication to monitor patients, perform diagnostics and download data in hospitals or from homes. This provides great convenience, flexibility, cost effectiveness and timely patient care. These implanted devices(More)
Network as well as Host security has become an essential requirement to guard important network resources against unauthorized and unauthenticated access. The reason is that due to technology advancements, the threats and attacks are becoming all the more intelligent and insensitive to existing security measures implemented by an Network Intrusion Detection(More)
The employee turnover ratio is comparatively very high in Information Technology industry. Because of time constraint, HR managers are not able to identify the preferences of each employee in the process of designing motivational strategies. Hence, there is need for an expert system, which can help HR managers in designing motivation strategies. We are(More)
In the current era, digital learning plays an important role in education. Many e-learning courses are easily available and also offered by many reputed institutes. There exists a dire need for automatic evaluation of programming assignments and exercises to ease the amount of time consumed for the same purpose and also to have a clear and non-inclined(More)