Bhushan S Borotikar

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BACKGROUND In spite of ongoing prevention developments, anterior cruciate ligament injury rates and the associated sex-disparity have remained, suggesting an incomplete understanding of the injury mechanism. While both fatigue and decision making are known in isolation to directly impact anterior cruciate ligament injury risk, their combined manifestations(More)
BACKGROUND Female neuromuscular control during dynamic landings is considered central to their increased ACL injury risk relative to males. There is limited insight, however, into the neuromuscular parameters governing this risk, which may hinder prevention success. This study targeted a new screenable and potentially trainable neuromuscular risk factor.(More)
Patellofemoral osteoarthritis and its potential precursor patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) are common, costly, and debilitating diseases. PFPS has been shown to be associated with altered patellofemoral joint mechanics; however, an actual variation in joint contact stresses has not been established due to challenges in accurately quantifying in vivo(More)
BACKGROUND A potential source of patellofemoral pain, one of the most common problems of the knee, is believed to be altered patellofemoral kinematics due to a force imbalance around the knee. Although no definitive etiology for this imbalance has been found, a weak vastus medialis is considered a primary factor. Therefore, this study's purpose was to(More)
OBJECTIVES To establish an in vivo, normative patellofemoral (PF) cartilage contact mechanics database acquired during voluntary muscle control using a novel, dynamic, magnetic resonance (MR) imaging-based, computational methodology and validate the contact mechanics sensitivity to the known sub-millimeter methodological accuracies. DESIGN Dynamic cine(More)
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