Bhushan G. Jagyasi

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We consider design of wireless sensor network for event detection application. An MMSE based weighted aggregation scheme is proposed for event detection application using wireless sensor network. Accuracy and the network lifetime are the two performance evaluating parameters considered here. We compare the performance of the proposed scheme with the(More)
In this paper, a Neural Network based data aggregation approach to detect the binary events in a multi-hop Wireless Sensor Network has been proposed. We envision every node in a network as a unit of neuron which gets trained by using the neural network based back propagation algorithm. As compared to the LMS based Adaptive Weighted Aggregation scheme for(More)
A single-hop wireless sensor network for distributed detection has been considered in the majority of the existing literature. However, a wireless sensor network for an event detection application with cheap and short range sensors is likely to be a multihop network. Here we consider a distributed detection problem in a multihop wireless sensor network with(More)
In cell phone sensor networks (CpSN), sensor-embedded cell phones communicate sensor data using Near Field Communication outlets such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This paper considers a query dissemination application of CpSN, where sensor data belonging to a certain time window [ts,min, ts,max] is needed from a region of interest. Existing approaches, such as(More)
Cell phones are embedded with sensors form a Cellular Sensor Network which can be used to localize a moving event. The inherent mobility of the application and of the cell phone users warrants distributed structure-free data aggregation and on-thefly routing. We propose a Distributed Velocity-Dependent (DVD) protocol to localize a moving event using a(More)
In our earlier proposed mKRISHI framework, which is a mobile phone based agriculture advisory system, a farmer can record a query with the help of audio-visual interface on the mobile phone application. The multi-modal sensory devices have been deployed to capture the context of the farm so that the query along with the context are presented to the(More)