Bhojo Asumal Khealani

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The natural history, causative factors, and outcomes of patients with cerebral venous thrombosis from Asia and Middle East have not been well described. This descriptive multicenter study describes the results for cerebral venous thrombosis patients in South Asia and the Middle East. METHODS The retrospective and prospective data of(More)
BACKGROUND Autonomic nervous system (ANS) dysfunction is present in up to one third of patients with tetanus. The prognostic value of ANS dysfunction is known in severe tetanus but its value is not well established in mild to moderate tetanus. METHODS Medical records of all patients admitted with tetanus at two academic tertiary care centers in Karachi,(More)
BACKGROUND Limb shaking Transient Ischemic Attack is a rare manifestation of carotid-occlusive disease. The symptoms usually point towards a seizure like activity and misdiagnosed as focal seizures. On careful history the rhythmic seizure like activity reveals no Jacksonian march mainly precipitated by maneuvers which lead to carotid compression. We here(More)
Tethered cord syndrome (TCS) occurs when the distal spinal cord is adherent to inelastic tissue. This results in sensorimotor deficits in the lower extremities, bowel and bladder dysfunction, and musculoskeletal deformities. Tethered cord syndrome is often found in childhood, but may be first noticed in adults as well. The symptoms are usually progressive(More)
OBJECTIVES Primary intraventricular haemorrhage (PIVH) is a rare clinical entity. We sought to evaluate risk factors, clinical and radiological features, and outcome of patients with PIVH. MATERIALS AND METHODS Cases of PIVH were identified from cohort of patients with non traumatic intracerebral haemorrhage (ICH) by reviewing the radiological data. Their(More)
OBJECTIVE Frequency of ischemic stroke subtypes is influenced by ethnic and geographic variables. Our objective was to identify various stroke subtypes and its determinants at a tertiary care hospital. METHODS We prospectively collected data on ischemic stroke subtypes admitted to The Aga Khan University Hospital in Karachi. RESULTS A total of 596(More)
Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is more common in pregnant women. The objective of our study was to determine frequency of RLS in pregnant women and predictors of RLS in pregnancy in Pakistan. All pregnant women admitted at The Aga Khan University Hospital for delivery from June to July 2005 were enrolled. Eighty-one of 271 (30%) interviewed women fulfilled(More)
INTRODUCTION Pneumonia is a common complication after acute stroke. It affects the outcome adversely. However, data regarding microbiology of stroke-associated pneumonia and its effect on outcome is scarce. METHODS Stroke-associated pneumonia was identified through chart review of all ICD-9 identified adult stroke patients admitted to our hospital over a(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify the factors that predispose to ischemic versus hemorrhagic stroke in hypertensive patients. DESIGN Cohort study. PLACE AND DURATION OF STUDY The study was conducted at the Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH), Karachi, from August 1999 to May 2001. MATERIALS AND METHODS All the hypertensive patients, who were registered in AKUH(More)
Stroke is the most common cause of disability and a leading cause of mortality world wide. Though the incidence is falling in West but probably is rising in Asia. The burden of stroke risk factors in Pakistan is enormous e.g. by 2020 Pakistan will be 4th most populous country in terms of diabetic patients. Similarly every 3rd person above age of 45 years(More)